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How Elite Athletes Improve Their Energy, Endurance, & Recovery With BEMER (And How You Can Too)

Elite athletes from all over the world share their experiences with BEMER and how it helps them optimize their performance

As BEMER therapy continues to grow in popularity, more and more athletes are beginning to adopt it.

But this trend begs the question:

With all the other warm-up and recovery methods they do — hot and cold therapy, stretching, foam rolling, sports massages, etc. — what makes them willing to spend even more time on recovery with BEMER?

Well, as we’re about to find out, the results elite athletes are experiencing are far more than worth it. They’re game-changing, even.

Today, we’re taking a look at some personal BEMER testimonials from professional competitors in sports like golf, American football, and endurance races.**

So, keep reading for an inside look as to why the best use it, how they use it, and what BEMER muscle stimulation does for their energy, endurance, recovery, and performance.

Lesley Paterson

LESLEY PATERSON | Five-Time Off-Road Triathlon World Champion & Endurance Coach

Thanks to BEMER’s portability, traveling athletes like Lesley Paterson can work on their energy, endurance, and recovery wherever they go.


My lifestyle — I pretty much live out of the car…I’m moving from place to place, so the fact that I want to be using BEMER in between workouts to help with my recovery, it just means that I can throw it on my back, throw it in the car, and use it on my way to different sessions. [I can] sit on it while I’m driving or just in between workouts even as I’m stretching.”

In a quick ten-question interview for triathlete.com, Lesley shared a couple of other recovery methods she uses to stay in peak condition. When asked what changes she’s made to her routine that she plans to stick to, she said,


Stretching and rolling big time. I mean, I’m now doing it about 90 minutes per day broken up into a 20-minute routine many times throughout the day.”

Mike Weir

MIKE WEIR | Professional Golfer & Masters Champion

To improve his endurance and overall athleticism, Canadian golfing legend Mike Weir maintains a well-balanced fitness and recovery routine.


All aspects of fitness are important, and you need to have a balance…To still be powerful, you have to be limber, supple, and explosive. And good cardiovascular health is also important. I run, sometimes bike, hike, and ski.”

He also lifts multiple times a week to build strength and power, and uses infrared saunas, cold plunges, stretching, foam rolling, and ice to recover.


I concentrate on areas that are commonly tight on me and most golfers…My hips, back, neck, and forearms. I also try to get a massage at least once a week, sometimes twice. Recovery is very important as we get a bit older.”

As a top-level golfer, Mike needs to keep his mental game on point. Frequent hikes in the mountains near his home help him clear his head, and in recent years, he’s found success incorporating meditation into his daily life.


I spent a lot of time meditating the last few years, especially during the times when I was really struggling, and now, when I’m playing much better, it’s still very valuable. It’s intense competition out there, and you have to be present in what you are doing and not think about the outcomes too much, so meditation has been very helpful. In my 30s, I never thought I’d be doing it, but I can’t believe how helpful it actually is.”

Finally, to round out his health and fitness regimen, the Canadian lefty doesn’t go a day without using BEMER therapy…


I started noticing the benefits after the first week, and so I kept it going, and I incorporate it every day. The program I do in the morning is to ramp up my body…I’ve always had tightness in my thoracic spine and in my hips, and doing the program I feel freer and looser which aids in power and also avoiding injuries.”

Ben Garland

BEN GARLAND | Offensive Lineman for the San Francisco 49ers

In a question and answer session for BEMER, Ben Garland shared how he fits it into his routine and the advantages it provides for NFL players:


I use BEMER before practice to get me ready and start getting ready to go and I also use it after for recovery. I use BEMER mostly for recovery. Especially in the NFL, it’s a game of inches, and the person that can train the hardest and recover the most is the one who’s going to be the most successful. So, I think BEMER really gave me that advantage in being able to recover more than my opponents…”


Football is such a brutal sport, and you’re talking about the impact it does to your body…You really need to be able to recover and get back to your top A game before the next game. I mean, it’s such a short week between playing on Sunday and then possibly playing the next Thursday game or playing another Sunday game. So, being able to recover quickly and take your damaged body and get it back to as much of a prime state as you can is premium in this game. So, I think the BEMER has really helped me in that way of just being able to recover more, recover faster, and be prepared for each and every practice.”

After seeing such impressive results with BEMER therapy, he couldn’t help but tell both his fellow players and friends and family…


I’ve been telling everybody about it. I just know how much it’s helped my game and helped me improve. This is one of those rare years where I actually felt better at the end of the season than I did at the beginning, and that never happens in football. So, especially to my teammates, or anybody that I knew or cared about, I was telling them, ‘You have to check out this product because I know it’s going to improve your game like it improved mine.’ I even told my dad to get one because I know he’s a water polo player, and it’ll help his game as well.”


It doesn’t matter what sport you play or if you play none at all. BEMER therapy stimulates your muscles, which temporarily improves local circulation and can breathe new life into your wellness routine.

Just two eight-minute sessions a day can improve your energy levels, endurance, recovery, physical fitness, vitality, and overall well-being.

Whether your “performance” is on the field, in the office, or at home with the family, BEMER can help.

Find a nearby official BEMER distributor near you to get started today!